segunda-feira, 17 de abril de 2017


John Galliano, the acclaimed Dior designer, was videotaped, on 2011, in a small French restaurant, in a rant against Jews. The designer, later, said he was drunk and asked for forgiveness. John Galliano also said that he was an alcoholic and he did not hate Jews. The insults were directed to a group of French and Italian tourists.
All the French and International Media put the story on front page. Galliano lost his post at Dior and, years after, appeared as a designer of a small Italian fashion company, Maison Margiela. His career seems to be finished, however.
In Macau, another anti-Semite, Mica Costa-Grande, a well know artist and photographer, had a very different treatment, from the Media. For more than 7 years, MicaCosta-Grande has been posting, in his Facebook page, racist and neo-Nazi comments about Jews and Blacks. However, after his dark side was revealed, in this blog, all the Portuguese Media silenced the fact, in a strategy to protect the racist artist. 

Mica Costa-Grande even issued a statement, claiming Holocaust was a crime. But in his good old days, he refused to admit that the Holocaust existed and wrote that Zyklon B, the gas used for killing people in Auschwitz and other death camps, was not lethal. The idea that Zyklon B could kill people was a official version, imposed but controversial, he wrote, in his Facebook page (don’t look for these posts, Mica Costa-Grande deleted all of them)
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