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Portuguese journalists of Macau set up a pact of silence to protect a Nazi sympathizer

Starting on December 5th, all Portuguese language Media outlets in Macau (three daily newspapers, one weekly newspaper and the Portuguese channels of Government-owned TDM, TV and Radio station) refused to publish a line or broadcast a word about a local Portuguese artist and photographer who is a vocal Holocaust denier and Nazi sympathizer.
Mr. Amilcar Carvalho could be considered a local version of John Galliano, the Christian Dior designer who, in 2011, was dismissed from his role as creative director at the Paris fashion house, after a video surfaced with him making drunken anti-Semitic comments at a Paris "bistrot."

But while the French and international Media didn’t spare any effort to publicize the racist words of Galliano, in 2011, Mr. Amilcar Carvalho enjoys the full protection and support of Portuguese journalists of Macau (his wife was a TDM/TV journalist for a couple of years...) who are helping him to escape public criticism and, at the same time, working hand in hand to set up a violent and scathing campaign against the journalist who revealed Mr Amilcar Carvalho Nazi connections – me, Paulo Reis, professional journalist since 1981, freelance journalist and blogger at “O Ovo da Serpente”.
The story of this Holocaust denier was first (and only...) published at my blog, in English, on December 5th. There is a peculiar aspect in the story: Mr. Amilcar Carvalho company "Republic of Arts" had a contract, for the last 15 years, with "The Venetian (Macau)", a company owned by Sheldon Adelson, the Jewish American businessman - staunch supporter of Benjamin Netanyahu - who is a gambling tycoon both in Las Vegas and Macau. Mr. Carvalho's company was in charge of organizing cultural events and performances during Chinese New Year.

The pact of silence that has been on place since December 5th covers the work of more than 50 Portuguese journalists. The agreement was reached after "intense discussions” among Portuguese Media professionals in Macau, including editors of newspapers and the Editorial Desk of TDM, the radio and TV government-owned broadcasting company.
The first contacts and discussions defending a total blackout of the story I published at my blog about Mr. Amílcar Carvalho sympathy for the Nazis, took place on that same day - December 5th - and were successful, as no reference at all was published or broadcasted on December 6th, and on the following days, and until now.
The "blackout initiative", as some of my "comrades" say, or the "pact of silence" - another expression used by those same "colleagues" of mine - came from a small but very active group of journalists - including a outsider, a well-know but until recently anonymous blogger. That group of people thinks I've put myself out of the professional, legal and ethical boundaries of journalism, since I start to "radicalize", years ago, by "plunging into a Islamophobia delirium" and, worst, when I declared my support for Donald Trump and set up a Facebook page - "Portuguese for Trump" - last September.

The decision to set up a pact of silence about Mr. Amilcar Carvalho heavely Nazi-influenced ideas is also justified, by the journalists above mentioned, with the fact that I have a "personal hatred" concerning Mr. Amilcar Carvalho - something the local Nazi sympathizer confirmed to many people who have been asking him about it, since December 5th. However, Mr. Amilcar Carvalho also refused to elaborate about the origin of this alleged "personal hatred" I have, directed against him.
Mr Amilcar Carvalho called me on the phone, the day after I published the story about his critics against Allied Forces and Governments who "officially imposed" the version that Ziklon B was used to kill people in the gas chambers of Nazi death camps - something that Mr. Amilcar Carvalho considered "scientifically controversial", because - he wrote on a Facebook post - the use of Ziklon B by USA sanitary authorities, since 1920, was “widely documented" and there was irrefutable evidence that Ziklon B was perfectly safe and innocuous to human beings, even when directly applied to the skin of human beings, to kill lice.

We knew each for 30 years, as we both came to Macau in 1986. The only episode in our relationship that deserves to be mentioned, took place one year, more or less, before this phone call of December 6st. The episode consisted of a very unpleasant, rude and uneducated way for Mr. Amilcar Carvalho finish a debate online with me, through Facebook. We were exactly debating the "existence" (?) of the Jewish people, following a post from him at his Faceboook page, with "evidence" that there was no such thing as a "Jewish People" from Palestine or Israel  - it was a invention.. guess from who??? Yes, "Jewish People from what is today called Israel" does not exist, it is a myth created by the Jews, according to Mr. Amilcar Carvalho who, on that specific day, decided to finish our chat with this message: "Instead of using your brains to write, you are using your guts".

Until then, we had quite a few exchanges of opinion, following postings at his Facebook page. Mr. Amilcar Carvalho never was shy or afraid of discussing his neo-Nazi views of the world, including the fact that "the religious-ethnic group that controls world Media" (sic) created the myth of the Holocaust", as he once told me, during one of those chats. Or the idea that the same group is responsible for keeping alive the fraud that is the "official" story of the Portuguese diplomat in Bordeaux, Aristides de Sousa Mendes - another subject for another chat between me and Mr. Amilcar Carvalho.

Our talk, on December 6st, was unreal. Mr. Amilcar Carvalho begin playing the role of a victim, a innocent man crucified by me. "You see what you have done to me? From now on, I will never be able to walk the streets without fear of being chased and spanked by a group of Jews that believe in what you wrote" - he told me, just as a starting argument. During the talk, what was more visible was a certain "state of confusion" coming from Mr. Amilcar Carvalho, who couldn't accept the idea he was the first responsible for what was written in the posts of his own Facebook page.

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