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I was informed, this week, that I will have to face, soon, four charges in court. I will have to answer to three criminal cases (two accusations of defamation and one of aggression with intention to harm) and a fourth case that refers to a request of an a compensation payment of 200,000 US Dollars. This last case is based on a recent story I published, about a Portuguese resident in Macau that is a Holocaust denier and an anti-Semitic activist. He was hired, for almost 10 years, by "The Venetian Macau", a company from Sheldon Adelson, a USA and Macau gambling tycoon and one of the most well known Jewish businessman in the world (a staunch supporter of 'Bibi' Netanyahu).

That gentleman that told me, yesterday, he will file complaints against me is Mr. Amílcar Carvalho, a local artist, a highly regarded photographer and a Portuguese citizen living in Macau. He is responsible for the civil case and compensation payment request, but also for one of the criminal cases above mentioned, as he considers that the story I wrote about him is defamatory. The other cases were the respective lawyers who informed me.

The criminal case where I am accused of aggression with intent to harm was filled by another anti-Semitic activist, Mr. Luís Crespo, a.k.a. “Leocardo”. Since almost nine years, he is the “NumberOne” blogger of Macau, with his blog “Bairro do Oriente”. Mr. Crespo is also a columnist at “Hoje Macau”, the most influential Portuguese daily newspaper (Editor, Mr. Carlos Morais José) and at “A Voz”, a publication from one the most important Macanese local associations –“Associação dos Macaenses” - headed by lawyer Miguel Senna Fernandes, a descendant from what may be the most important Macanese family in the territory.

Mr. Amílcar Carvalho usually goes straight to the jugular, when it comes to talk or write about the Holocaust. He wrote, on his Facebook page, that Ziklon B was a gas inoffensive for humans. As evidence, he said use of Ziklon B by USA sanitary units, at the Mexican border, to disinfect and kill lice in the body of Mexican immigrants was “widely documented”, since 1920. The “theory” that Ziklon B “was used by the III Reich, as an execution method, even if officially imposed, it’s scientifically controversial”, wrote Mr. Carvalho, also at his Facebook page (this afternoon, both his Facebook page and Twitter pages went down)

The all story of Mr. Aristides de Sousa Mendes, a Portuguese diplomat who ruined his career by giving visas to thousands of Jews in France, against his government orders is “a myth”, states Mr. Carvalhol still on his FB page (Mr. Sousa Mendes is honored, nowadays, at Yad Vashem, as a “Righteous Among the Nations”).

Mr. Luís Crespo is, sometimes, more subtle, other times much more blunt as Mr. Carvalho, while exposing his theories, about Holocaust and Jews. On a comment during an exchange of point of views with me, in Facebook, Mr. Crespo just wrote: "All Jewds are thieves" and explained that they were specialist at stealing land from the Palestinians. Once he mentioned the case of a teacher, in Brasil, who asked his students to answer a questions: "Who's worst, Nazis or Israelis?" 

Mr.Luis Crespo opts to answer himself, with a "joke" (?): there could be two correct answers - he wrote at his blog "Bairro do Oriente" - "the Nazis can be worst, because the Israelis have not transformed the Palestinians in soap bars"; or, second answer, "the Jews can be the worst because, just look how this scourge reproduced itself and attacked, when only a few of them were left out of the crematorium oven..."

One the questions concerning the Holocaust were Mr. Luís Crespo, a.k.a." Leocardo" has a more violent stance, is the attitude he classifies as a "zionist (...) paranoia", a authentic "persecution mania": "every time it appears a image or there is a reference to the name of Adolf Hitler or any other reference to Nazism, there they came the 'zionists', ready to censor or 'beat' the little naughty boys" (...)  there they came the "zealot Hebrews and their spanking paddles".

(To be continued)

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