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Amilcar Carvalho, a Macau Portuguese artist who worked for Jewish businessman Sheldon Adelson's company, "The Venetian Macao", is a Holocaust denier and anti-semitic activist

Ziklon B, the lethal gas used to kill people, most of them Jews, at dozens of Nazi death camps all over Germany and occupied Europe, has been widely utilized "since 1929, for body disinfection of Mexicans that cross the border with USA", according to Mr. Amilcar Carvalho, a Portuguese artist and highly regarded photographer, living in Macau.
On his Facebook page, Mr. Carvalho has written a post stating that “the theory (Ziklon B) was used by the III Reich, as an execution method, even if officially imposed it´s scientifically controversial.” On the other side, as he refers, it is “widely documented” that Ziklon B was used to prevent typhus on Mexican immigrants coming to USA – “even if the registered cases of that disease in Mexico were only two, on a shantytown at El Paso.”
Mr. Amílcar Carvalho, also known as "Mica Costa-Grande", is the owner and manager of a company called - "Republic of Arts" - that was hired by "The Venetian Macau", for the last 15 years, to organize cultural events during the Chinese New Year in Macau.
One of the most important of those cultural events was the “Creative Creatures – Art and the Chinese Zodiac”, a brainchild idea from Amilcar Carvalho, for more than15 years.
In March 2016, a total of 25 local artists hand-decorated fiberglass monkeys with their own inimitable style, according to a Press-Release from The Venetian Macau. The project offered visitors the chance to see a total of 25 monkey sculptures, 13 of which at the outdoor lagoon area at The Venetian Macao.
The Venetian Macau, like the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, belongs to Shelden Adelson, a well known Jewish businessman in USA, and one of the big casino tycoons of Las Vegas
Mr. Adelson is also a staunch supporter of Benjamin Netanyahu and was one of the main donors for the campaign of Donald Trump. Mr. Adelson's company, Las Vegas Sands Corporation, is the owner of one of six gambling licenses the Macau government made available to foreign companies, through a public tender, in 2001.
Mr. Amilcar Carvalho, while working for Mr. Sheldon Adelson during the Chinese New Year festivities, is a committed activist supporting the so-called “Holocaust Denial Theory”. Holocaust and six million Jews killings never happened – is the main point of his theory. But, all over his Facebook page, Mr. Amilcar Carvalho also defends other very controversial theories, including clear expressions of racial prejudice against black people like Martin Luther King Jr.
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