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It's Justified to Kill your Political Opponent if his Name is Donald Trump

What is the difference between voting Trump and having incest with your 9-years-old-daughter? None. Both acts - according to Hillary Clinton supporters - are against human nature, a violation of thousand years old taboos, a crime against man's law and a terrible breach of moral and ethical standards. It's understandable that those negative aspects apply to incest with a 9-years-old-daughter. It's more difficult to realize why Donald Trump is put, side by side, and compared with that horrific practice of sex with a child - worst of all, your own child.

Quite a few movie stars, singers and personalities, all over USA, have pledged to leave United States and run to several places (Africa, Canada, Mars, etc) if Trump wins. A few minutes ago, I watched BBC interviewing several American citizens and asking what were they planning to do if Trump wins this election.

"Run to the Canadian border", said a woman on her 30s. A Portuguese journalist, Alexandra Lucas Coelho, wrote yesterday, in a opinion column on newspaper Público, that Donald Trump was "garbage" and if he wins, "we (she, her friends and her political allies...) have to go for the guerrilla warfare".
Another Portuguese journalist, Teresa de Sousa, also at the Público, wrote that, if elected, Trump "can be more destructive that the wars of George Bush". Fernanda Câncio (one more woman, another Portuguese journalist...) said that Trump is a "impulsive and compulsive yokel" and hopes he "gets the most humiliating defeat".

During Second World War, the ghetto of Lodz, in Poland,was the last one to be liquidated. When German troops invaded Poland and took control of the city, the ghetto was a motive of curiosity. SS officers and their wife's used to drive to the gates of the ghetto and stay there, inside their cars, looking at the the old and long-bearded Jews, with amazement.

But, one day, the officer in command of the city garrison ordered a group of Polish workers to go to the main gate of the ghetto and take out the cobblestone that paved the streets. It was beginning of winter and, every day, rain felled on the city. Soon, mud covered the all area and the Jews fought hard to walk around.

Their clothes were wet and full of mud, as their legs went down, deep until the hips, in the soft land. The German officers and their wife's kept coming, but with a different mood. Before, when they saw those proud Jews, dignified even in misery, they looked a little bit worried, even afraid.

Now, watching those men and women, all covered with mud, carrying children, striving for walking a few meters, Germans laughed and took pictures. Those were the Jews they knew, from their childhood, from the leaflets, school books and posters: "untermenchen", sub-humans, more close to animals than human beings.

Once you degrade your enemy and consolidate the idea that he doesn't have the necessary qualities to be admitted as a political opponent; once you made clear - not with arguments, but with accusations and insults - that your enemy does not deserve to be placed among normal people; once you convinced enough of your supporters that your enemy is a clear and present danger for the survival of Democracy in your country, you may have won a battle.

But you sure will lost the war, because soon or later, people starts to think and ask questions. People will want to know why Trump is "garbage". Why so many Hollywood stars need to run away from America, if Trump wins. Why is he so dangerous for Democracy that people has no other option, if he is elected President of USA, unless fight him, arms in hand, until he is killed.

"Look well / There ain't only seagulls ashore / When a man starts to think..." - These are the first verses of a well-know Portuguese revolutionary song from José Afonso (Not my genre of music and/or ideology. But wise words that can work as a example, here)

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