domingo, 24 de julho de 2016

The Munich Killer: A Most Wanted Conclusion

The Munich killer, Ali Daud (a.k.a. David) Sonboly, had "an 'obvious' link" with the fifth anniversary of Breivik's massacre, said Hubertus Andrae, Munich police chief. No other evidence was mentioned, apart the fact that the Munich killings took place 5 years after the Breivik's massacre. Ali Daud Sonboly had also a image of Breivik in his WhatsApp account, according to former non-identified classmates, quoted by German newspapers. No image of his profile in WhatsApp was seen, in the Media. These details were the most mentioned in all mainstream Media, with the obvious conclusion: Ali Daud was not a islamic terrorist but a deranged young man, with an obsession by mass killings and inspired by a extreme-right assassin - a most wanted conclusion for all leftists and Islam-lovers.

Some question need answers. A Glock 17 is one the most powerful and efficient guns, used by many law-enforcement agencies, all over the world. Germany has the most stringent and draconian laws about gun ownership, in all the world. It makes guns and ammunition very, but very expensive, in the black market. How did Ali Daud Sonboly, a young student, son of a modest taxi driver, got money to buy a Glock 17 and 300 bullets? How did he got contacts in the black market, in order to purchase such a gun, the kind of deal that black market operators only do with "trustable" people?

Ali Daud Sonboly was born in Munich but has been living there only since the last two years. Where was he, before? Was he alone or with his family? 
Ali Daud Sonboly shot 36 persons (9 died, 26 were injured), while walking through the corridors of the Olympic mall. Anyone with experience of firearms knows how difficult it is to shoot while moving and the amount of training hours needed to be able to master that ability. Where did Ali Daud Sonboly acquired that capacity?
Why did German police referred that the he"has been identified 'within the framework of Interpol"?
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